Campus restrooms could use some improvement

Sylvie Oang, Staff Writer

We use it everyday, and sometimes more than once. Restrooms at La Serna High School are “not horrible, but not great,” according to student Haley Lomas. With the thousands of students on campus, there are five restrooms each for boys and girls, counting the ones in the locker room and gym. Maintaining the cleanliness, accessibility, and maintenance of one of the most frequently visited places on campus leaves many students being apprehensive of using the facilities.

Maintenance of the restrooms could improve the overall conditions. The staff that cleans and makes sure the facilities on campus are working properly are doing all in their power to keep the restrooms looking nice. However, many students use the restrooms during class, passing period, nutrition, and lunch. With the constant use of the facilities, maybe there should be an increase in the number of times the restrooms are cleaned, possibly during class. There also could be an addition in members to the maintenance team to lessen the amount of work the staff does, and create a better system

One problem that is evident when using the restrooms on campus is the lack of sanitation and overall clean feeling when in the room. Students are constantly using the facility, so to keep it hygienic and clean after the maintenance crew has done a good job of cleaning it, there should be a change in the way students dry their hands after washing them. In the girls restrooms by the K building, there are three stalls, three sinks, and two hand dryers. The hand dryers, although they function properly, are not efficient and adequate for drying. The actual process of standing there and waiting for water to be blown off your hands takes a very long time, which most students don’t have, so it results in water being sprayed onto the restroom floor. When you do get the chance to dry your hands, there are many people waiting behind you with water dripping on the floor. This water will then trouble the maintenance crew with more things to worry about. To solve this problem, the hand dryers should be replaced with ones that dry quicker. We should also add more dryers so students do not have to wait.

In the girls restroom however, there is also an issue with the disposal of sanitary waste. There are little trash bins in the stalls, but they quickly fill up, leaving girls to put them in unsanitary places and creating an unplesent mess for anyone who has to use it after. Solutions to this problem include putting a larger waste disposal bin or cleaning out the small bins more frequently.

While we are fortunate enough to have functioning restrooms at La Serna, there is room for improvement. The restrooms for boys and girls have the tendency to omit a very bad odor, especially when there is no air conditioning or any kind of air freshener in the restrooms. “The boys restrooms smell horrible all the time and there is constantly a clogged toilet,” explains sophomore Nathan Magdaleno. There has also been a demand from a couple of students to increase the number of mirrors available in all the restrooms. A more important  issue is one that has to do with privacy, and simply being able to close a stall door. “There is a problem of locks in the locker room restrooms for girls,” Piper Kilgore said. The problem is so bad that many girls just hold the door closed with their foot if absolutely necessary. Also adding to the long list of necessities in a  functioning restroom is that the locker room facility for the girls only has one soap dispenser for six sinks. These simple improvements could make the restrooms all over campus cleaner and more efficient.