Kim Fitzgerald’s Link Crew wins this year’s talent show

Students from Mr.Garrison’s class reenact a scene from the film Titanic.

Haley Lomas, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, February 17, five Link Crew classes competed in the Link Crew Talent Show finals.

First up to perform was Robert Garrison’s class, which performed “Silhouettes,” a light show where the students reenacted scenes from popular movies such as Titanic and Star Wars.

Next was Mr. George’s class, which had students dancing and lip-syncing along to popular songs from different decades.

Then Kim Fitzgerald’s class acted out the music video from the song “Riptide.”

After that, Lisa McCollum’s class performed a rendition of “Do-Re-Mi” from The Sound of Music, complete with a hill backdrop and lederhosen.

And last, Nayif Abdullah’s class preformed “1986 Aerobics Championship,” a Richard Simmons-inspired aerobics/dance routine.

The final results were announced Wednesday.

In first place was Fitzgerald’s class, followed in second by Garrison’s class. Third place was shared between McCollum’s and Abdullah’s classes, and standing in fourth place was George’s class.

Fitzgerald’s class was ecstatic. “We were so surprised,” said Link Crew leader Madison Stewart. “As Link Crew leaders we were super proud of our kids. It was kind of like we were the underdogs. We didn’t really have it all planned out, but somehow it worked out really well, and we were super shocked and super happy.”

“It had great spirit,” said teacher Kari Ala, one of the talent show judges, about the class’s winning talent. “Everyone was involved, and it was current and entertaining.”

Despite their loss, the other classes were still very happy with their performances and enjoyed the talent show. “It was a great experience,” said Isabelle Von Lockner, a Link Crew leader for Abdullah’s class. “The talent show was super fun because all the kids were super into it. In the beginning they didn’t want to do it because we do this crazy aerobics dance, but then once they got into it it was super fun and I got really close to them.”