Why La Serna needs the Freelancer

Staff Editorial

Emily Shintani, Editor-in-Chief

To spread knowledge.

To increase awareness.

To give students a voice.

The Freelancer provides another means for news to travel around the school, instead of only listening to morning announcements, which are sometimes hard to hear or are inaccurate. Students are now able to look up what important events are occurring at or away from school grounds at any time, from any place. The student newspaper is unique because it gives students a tool to exercise their right to express themselves, a way to publish their opinions on school practices such as Spirit Week, Animal House, or even the types of snacks served in the cafeteria. Students–no matter if they are an editor, a reporter, or a contributor–have the chance to write pieces on a variety of subjects they feel passionately about. These stories can spark discussions and inspire thought among readers and possibly invoke change in the way the school is run.

In addition to the previous three reasons, those who join the news staff are able to place an extracurricular activity on their college resume to set them above thousands of other applicants and are able to improve their organizational and writing skills, all while gaining experience for a possible career in journalism. Colleges would be able to look up the newspaper’s website and read all of the stories that the student had written, providing more insight into their writing skills and increasing the likelihood of acceptance.

Here at the Freelancer, the staff hopes to accomplish all of these things and much more. After working hard behind the scenes to bring the newspaper back to life after so many years, the newspaper personnel would like to present to you the new and improved La Serna Freelancer of 2015.