Students reflect on the new healthier snacks

Pro & Con


Ashley Lord, The Freelancer

Freshman Dean Athanasiou buys a snack during lunch.

Haley Lomas and Ashley Lord

Pro: Healthy snacks are an important part of a student’s school day. A healthy snack can help keep a student awake and aware, as well as help them avoid the dreaded “after school crash” that unhealthy snacks can cause.

Recently, as many have noticed (and complained about), La Serna has made some changes to its snack menu. Now there are healthier versions of the previous snacks, such as Cheez-its and Goldfish. Many of the new snacks are still what one would consider “unhealthy”, such as Doritos and Lays, but with updates such as “reduced fat” and “whole grain”. Many students have also complained about the less-than-satisfying tastes these new snacks have.

Though I do agree that these new snacks are not as tasty as they were before, I feel this movement towards healthier versions is good. But, I do think that, instead of taking fairly unhealthy snacks and buying the somewhat healthier version, the school should start offering more fruit and granola bars; snacks that are already tasty and healthy without additives.

But, as we all know, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Though I feel the school could do better in their quest for healthy snacks, I think this update to the snack menu is a positive change and can lead to better snacks in the future (as well as healthier students).

Con: Many people were surprised when the school made the changes to the food being sold. Many of the snacks from the vending machines and the carts are now whole grain. I was honestly expecting the snacks to taste the same, but they don’t–I was sorely disappointed. Reduced-fat Doritos and Lays and whole grain Cheez-its, Rice Crispy Treats, Goldfish, and even the tortillas in the bean and cheese burritos are some of the items that have been changed this year. They may be healthy, but the taste is not satisfying. The Cheez-its and Goldfish don’t taste nearly as cheesy and instead taste like bland crackers. In my opinion, La Serna would be better off with the old snacks. I personally believe that the law about requiring healthier foods in schools should not exist, because it is really none of anyone else’s business what we are eating. It is a shame that what we eat is being controlled by people who do not really know us.