Headphones. Are you in, or out?

Cesar Villalobos, Staff Writer

Headphones are an important tool to the modern society. This innovation has been used since the 1960’s and is crucial for making audio media more convenient and personal for the consumer.

At La Serna, there is a school-wide policy that limits students from using headphones on campus unless it is authorized by a teacher.  The authorization usually occurs in the classroom for a lesson based on using electronics. If a student is caught violating the rule outside of class, the headphones are confiscated.

But is there any harm to the school when headphones are used? On the contrary, it is an excellent tool for concentrating and it allows the student to direct their attention towards work instead of noisy surroundings. Headphones would be beneficial in their time of studying.

The negative aspect of headphones are that they completely exclude an individual from their surroundings. In a case of emergency, the lack of hearing could put the student in danger. Students would also be isolated from the directions of staff officials, being unable to hear the authority can cause a lot of problems. Using one headphone instead of two would eliminate this problem, but using this method would be hard to regulate.

Headphone use can be negative and positive, but one thing is certain, implementing headphones into school society would be met with positive enthusiasm from the students.