News in Brief: Boomers in Irvine

Haley Lomas, Staff Writer

On April 18th, 2015, the Expanded Horizons club plans to take about 30 students on a trip to Boomers in Irvine. They will spend 8 hours there, from 12 to 8pm. Expanded Horizons advisor, Laura Glass, says that the event is a field trip for Expanded Horizon students to have a fun and enjoyable Saturday, but the trip is open to anyone who wants to go. The cost is $25 for 8 hours at Boomers. This amount must be paid by April 3rd to the Curriculum Office. The payment does not include food.

However, Glass warns, the trip may be cancelled if not enough people sign up by the 3rd. “We don’t have very many people signed up to go and we need at least 30 [people to sign up for the trip].”

The trip sign-ups are first-come, first-served, so if you want to join in on this trip, sign up soon.