News in Brief: Senior Project job seminar


Ashley Lord

Senior, Cassandra Ortega passes out fliers to promote her job seminar for her senior project.

Ashley Lord, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, April 1, senior Cassandra Ortega will be presenting her senior project in the form of a job seminar open to all La Serna students. The seminar will take place during the second half of lunch in the library. Ortega said, “Basically, I’m just going to talk about how high school students can get jobs because it is really difficult for high school students with no experience to get a job.” Ortega picked this for her senior project because she has already spent months looking for a job and could not find one. The seminar will be covering topics like Human Resources, the hiring process, and will include a PowerPoint.

Ortega says that it was not difficult to set up the seminar at school. “All I did was talk to my teacher and she told me to go to College Corner and I asked if they could reserve me a spot,” said Ortega. Working on the seminar for her project took about a week. Though her mentor has helped her with her senior project, she will be presenting the seminar all on her own.  Ortega has no idea how many students will attend her seminar, but she hopes many will be interested and attend on Wednesday.

As an incentive to come, Ortega said, “I’m going to entice them with cookies.” Ortega is excited for Wednesday because she knows a lot about job hunting and how difficult it is to get a job. She has finally gotten a job herself, so she should have some advice that will help other students. She says she is excited to help others with how to find a job and it really all comes down to going out and filling out as many applications as she could.