The struggles of being a veggie


Lauren Fine / The Freelancer

Vegetarian Samuel Ruvalcaba holding a school banana that is so unripe it split in half when opened.

Lauren Fine, Opinion Editor, Photo Editor

As if finding vegetarian options to eat at school wasn’t hard enough, it is even more difficult for vegans!

If you don’t know what veganism is, it is simply the diet of consuming no animal products (cheese, milk, meat, butter, and eggs, for example).

While vegetarianism and veganism are both lifestyle choices, it is still unfair to students who lack the opportunity of eating lunch at school. There are bean and cheese burritos, beef tacos, chicken strips, cheese/pepperoni pizza, grilled cheese, etc. The non-veggie friendly list goes on and on. Although the school does sell fruit like bananas, apples, and pears, these fruits are still oftentimes not vegan friendly! The apple slices from the cafeteria contain preservitive chemicals to ensure freshness. How is that even healthy?

Now before you go saying, “Well it’s your choice to not eat these foods, so why don’t you bring your own lunch from home!” — It’s not that easy. Why do you think there is a free lunch and after school snack? Because students cannot bring/provide their own food!

Bringing fruit, salad, microwavable vegan meals, etc. can cause issues as the organic products must stay refrigerated or said food will go bad. Even most vegan breads need to be in the fridge, which is something students cannot do at school unless a teacher or staff member allows the students to use their in-class refrigerator.

“Eating at lunch was hard for me coming into the school. I wasn’t able to get enough food to keep me full through the rest of the day. Although the cheese pizza did help,” explains sophomore vegetarian Samuel Ruvalcaba, “It’s not fair to us and our choices or decisions that there was not much to keep ourselves full and healthy.”

While La Serna brought in “healthy foods” like baked chips, whole grain Cheez-Itz, and wheat tortillas, it does not take away the reality that those foods are still unhealthy and not veggie-friendly. For example, the baked barbecue Lays contains a “natural flavor” that has milk and chicken in it. Just read the nutritional information on the back of the bag! Chicken in a bag of chips! Disgusting!

We need fresh apples; not apples in a pre-concealed bag loaded with preservatives. Fresh salad; not salad in a vending machine with only ranch and unfresh chicken.

What La Serna needs is real food. Whole food. Nutritious food.