Give Us a Real Library

Isabel Carter, Managing Editor

On April 9, representatives from fourth period classes across all grade levels were sent to the Student Senate and met to discuss prospective renovations for our school library. Each delegate was asked to take input from their fourth period class about what kind of new furniture and new technological capabilities they would like to see in the refurbished library. This discussion brings up an interesting question: Should the small amount of space in the library be used for technology use and lounging, or should it be used as a center for students to read books, do homework, and study?

There are undeniable advantages of technology. Students can access information very quickly, can work on Powerpoints and other projects, and it allows those who do not have computers at home to get their work done. However, this sounds more like a computer lab than a library.  It looks like one too. Every time I go into the library, I see people crowded around the computers waiting to print their homework and almost nobody actually reading at the tables.

One of the problems is that there just are not that many books in our library. A whole section is taken up by computers and tables, leaving no room for books. Additionally, there are only a couple textbooks, so good luck to those of you who have gone in hoping to get some work done. And, if we are looking for a book, there is no librarian to direct us and guide us. We might as well just call it the “Paper Printing Center”.

People are busy. Most of the time, students are just focused on moving from one activity in the day to another, and there is no time allowed for quiet, focused studying. There needs to be a place where people can actually focus without the distraction of computers and other people, a place where people can check-out books and look-up information in real books, not Google. We need a real library.