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M.A.P. to Success

Natalie A. Sanchez, Columnist

October 8, 2018

Motivation. Ambition. Positivity. These are the three openers to success. Everyone experiences troublesome moments in life which can lead a person to lose their hope and determination. If you ever realize your mind or conscious...

Locked In: An Alternative Safety Plan Needed

Natalie Sanchez, Columnist

October 1, 2018

Picture being in this situation:  The ear-splitting sounds of gunshots and the deafening screams of students and staff. All around you, you see people trying to stay hidden, but they will soon be found because of their dispi...

My Soul’s Gone Missing- A Poem

Natalie A. Sanchez, Contributor

September 10, 2018

Stranger Help me Everyone blames me Trust me, I had to do it My soul ain’t with me. My soul’s gone missing. Don’t be afraid. It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me. Why are you running away from me!? Blood an...

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