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What has Caused a Decline in Student Drivers?

Joyce Lee, Contributor

October 8, 2018

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The 2018-2019 school year has seen a decline in students. According to La Serna's Registrar Martha Vasquez,  this school's enrollment has dropped significantly; in 2015-2016 there was 691 seniors, in 2016-2017,  628 seniors...

Freshmen Firsts

Katie Gonzales, Contributor

October 8, 2018

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Freshmen at La Serna have to grow accustomed to a new campus, new teachers, and a whole new environment. It’s been almost nine weeks since school started, and we finally seem to be getting used to the school. These new st...

Seniors Have a Sensational Summer

Sarah Rodriguez, Contributor

September 10, 2018

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For Lancers, summer is over and school is back. What did La Serna seniors do to make the most of their summer? A survey of students show a variety of trips, events, and activities. Dana Chin: “I went to a Niall Horan conce...

To Freshmen: Advice From Upperclassmen

Kathryn Salazar, Contributor

August 22, 2018

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Entering high school seems like a scary thing. As a freshman, there are many things I wish I knew that could have made my first year easier, such as, don't be afraid to make new friends! My closest friends that I have now I ...

Murals Around La Serna Campus Bring Visual Enjoyment to Many

Kathryn Salazar, Contributor

June 8, 2018

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As you walk around campus, you may have noticed the art created on 2 x 6 inch ceramic tiles in the brickwork at the end of buildings. These murals were started 2016 by art teacher Ms. Stephanie White. The art itself is done...

An Interview with a King

Casey Rojas, Columnist

May 23, 2018

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An interview with Ronan Walsh, playing King Lear in this year's Shakespearean production What is the most difficult part about doing a Shakespearean play? The language is just so beautiful, but it's so hard to memorize I have...

The Distinction Between the ACT and SAT: Which is Better?

Rose, Columnist

May 22, 2018

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Extreme stress, dread, anxiety, lack of interest and fatigue are consequences of a student’s final years of high school. Test after test, project after project, senior-itis isn’t an option for any overachievers who have been...

Teachers like dogs, too! (Who knew?)

Sarah Rodriguez

May 11, 2018

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Teachers are not so different from you or I. This may not be apparent from what we know of them in a classroom environment, but you may be surprised to find that they can be very similar to their students and find joy in the sa...

AP Exams: Don’t Stress!

Dana Chin, Contributor

April 11, 2018

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It's that time of the year again. The frantic flipping of book pages, the smell of pen ink, and the feeling of inevitable doom are commonly associated with AP exam preparation. For those who will not be taking exams this year, ...

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