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Girls’ Water Polo Team earns CIF Championship


February 27, 2020

The La Serna Girls' Water Polo Team under the direction of Coach John Pringle beat Glendora High School last Saturday to earn the 2020 Division 4 CIF Championship. Tomorrow the team competes in the first round of the SoCal Division...

La Serna Athlete: Moving The Sticks With Milo Lopez

Brandon Chamberland, Columnist

November 6, 2019

Milo Lopez (Senior) Milo Lopez is a senior at La Serna High School. He has spent his four years of high school dedicated to the Lancer football family and has done it quite well. I sat down with Milo and asked him a few que...

La Serna Athletes: Catch a Glimpse Into the Life of Daniel DeLucas

Brandon Chamberland, Columnist

November 5, 2019

Daniel DeLucas (Senior) Daniel DeLucas is one of La Serna's finest student athletes. However, there is more to Daniel in addition to his academic and athletic ability. I sat down with Daniel and asked him a few questions about hi...

La Serna Athletes: Soar with Lancer Flyer, Sofia Bellavari

Brandon Chamberland, Columnist

November 5, 2019

Sofia Bellavari (Junior) Sofia Bellavari is a junior who is a part of La Serna's Varsity Cheer squad. I sat down with Sofia and got to know who she is behind the glitter and stunts. Who is your hero? "My hero is my mom b...

La Serna Athletes: Take a Lap with Aidan Arredondo

Brandon Chamberland, Columnist

November 5, 2019

Aidan Arredondo (Senior) Aidan Arredondo is a senior at La Serna High School. He has a kind soul and a big heart and big ambitions. He is one of La Serna's top cross country runners, and he is taking his final laps for the La...

La Serna Athletes: A Look Down the Line at Rylie Dodge

Brandon Chamberland, Columnist

November 5, 2019

Rylie Dodge (Senior) Senior Rylie Dodge has been playing tennis for four years on La Serna's team, which just won first place in league. Teammates say Dodge is a kind and hard working individual with big dreams. Who is yo...

La Serna Athletes: Take A Dive With Brielle Bullingor

Brandon Chamberland, Columnist

November 1, 2019

Brielle Bullingor (Junior) I sat down with La Serna's very own Brielle Bullingor. Brielle is a part of our school's swim and band; however, this interview will go beyond her talent. Instead, we will take a little glimpse int...

An Off-the-Ball Look into the Life of Alexa Valdez

Brandon Chamberland, Columnist

November 1, 2019

Alexa Valdez (Senior) Alexa Valdez is a senior and soccer player at La Serna High School. She has played soccer for the majority of her life and has now carried it to her final year of high school. Who is your hero? "My hero is...

Lancers Dominate the Battle of the Boulevard 45-7

Brandon Chamberland, Columnist

October 22, 2019

Last Friday night under the lights proved once again that Lancer football comes to play. Although the rivalry stands strong between La Serna and Cal, the Lancers dominated the Condors in every aspect of the game. The Lancers wer...

Volleyball Seniors have heart: Urteaga, Madrid, Anderson, Sifuentes, and Martinez will lead team

Alexis Madrid, Columnist

September 10, 2019

The La Serna Volleyball team consists of five seniors. We seem nothing but ordinary, at best we are mediocre. This is what it seems like at a glance; however, the Class of 2020 is like no other. We are so different, but we all...

La Serna’s Graduating Athletes of 2019 will Travel

Kathryn Salazar, Contributor

May 28, 2019

With the school year coming to an end, it is exciting to hear where many seniors  will be going next year after four years of exams, projects, and sleepless nights. Most La Serna athletes have spent countless hours and years pe...

Track Begins New Season with La Mirada Meet

Isabella Vazquez, Contributor

March 5, 2019

The month of February marks the beginning of the La Serna Track and Field season. Athletes have been training since early winter prior to the La Mirada Tri-Meet. The meet was held by La Mirada at La Mirada High School on Thursd...

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