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Staff Profiles 2017-2018


Savanna Piette is a book-a-holic who has a passion for teleporting inside a good book. Her love for both food and books, make her the fun-loving, blonde toe walker she is! She can not live without her friends, family, and puppies. This will be her first year on newspaper staff and she is excited to express herself through her columns.

Alexis Standley is in her freshman year of high school.  She is in the Puente Program and is working her way to an Ivy League college, or more specifically, Harvard.  Alexis is often found reading, listening to music, or talking with friends when she isn’t busy with homework.  Don’t try to ask her for food because she will most likely say no.  Her sense of humor is weird. She is awkward and somewhat antisocial in class when she doesn’t have her friends to keep her company.

Sophia is an intelligent student and is a part of both the water polo and swim teams at La Serna High School.  She enjoys writing, and although it is her first year on the La Serna Newspaper Staff, Sophia is eager to participate and share her insight on numerous topics.  Due to her hectic schedule, Sophia values the precious moments that she is able to spend with her family and friends.

While some students may enjoy participating in activities to their full extent, others prefer to watch and observe them. Rose is one of these few. Educated in multiple subjects but understanding literally next-to-nothing, Rose is your typical AP-graded junior. And on the side she enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with her Shih Tzu puppy. (Samantha)

Kai  is a tall mammal full of knowledge.  He lives in Whittier. His pride consists of his boss parents, and his maniac sister.  These cubs fight over food, technology, and what they want to do on the weekends.  When he’s not doing homework, Kai’s usually watching YouTube, listening to music, working out, drawing,  being on Instagram, and watching Jack Hannah on DirectHe  reviews movies for The Freelancer and has fun doing it.

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Staff Profiles 2017-2018